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Lectures on Aesthetics

The dance of emotions

Shivdasani Lecture
Dr Sangeetha Menon
7 May 2007

This lecture will be a comparative study of emotions, facial expressions, and gestures in the Natyasastra, Abhinayadarpana, and the works of Charles Darwin and Paul Ekman.

Dr Sangeetha Menon graduated in Zoology, and then took her postgraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Kerala, with a thesis entitled ‘The Concept of Consciousness in the Bhagavad Gita’. A gold-medalist and first rank holder for postgraduate studies, she has been a fellow at the National Institute of Advanced Studies since 1996.

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The Style and Aesthetics of Indian Erotic Temple Sculpture

Shivdasani Conference 2007
Dr David Smith
20 Oct 2007

Session 10 of the 2007 Shivdasani Conference. 

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The Parinama Aesthetics as Underlying the Bhagavata Purana

Dr Ithamar Theodor
28 Feb 2008

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