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Friends Event: Finding your Guru: The Tale of the Avadhuta Brahmin

Birmingham Friends Event
Saturday, 19 January 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Hall Green Quakers
Hamlet Road
Birmingham B28 9BG

A talk by Anuradha Dooney of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Hindu traditions have always honoured the guru as a great source of wisdom. This Puranic story expands the idea of guru beyond that of the saintly sadhu to embrace the whole world. It says that a guru can come in all shapes and forms. They don't even have to be human. As we begin a new year, hoping for a bit more wisdom, we will discuss our everyday concerns learning from our new gurus. What can the sky, a tree, or a mountain teach us about our relationships? How can a python, a pigeon or a bee help us to be happier? What can we learn from water, fire, and a fish to name but a few to inspire us for the year ahead. 

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