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Friends and Benefactors

'It is a great honour to be received so warmly by this ancient and renowned University. I am particularly struck by the long-standing and profound links between India and Oxford, and how, through the OCHS, the field of Hindu Studies is flourishing here. I hope that my visit may serve to nurture this important relationship.' (video)
Amitabh Bachchan, on his first official visit to Oxford

Friends and Benefactors of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies comprise an informed community of people united by a concern for Indian culture and its study at the highest level.

They give of their time and money, they lend their reputation to the work of the Centre, and they give freely of their valuable expertise.

Our Friends and Benefactors ensure that the work of the Centre retains a global focus, serving the communities it engages with.

We invite you to join our Friends and Benefactors. Your contribution will directly aid the development and promotion of of academic excellence in Hindu Studies through an unbiased and structured programme of education, research, and publishing.

Message from Lord Dholakia OBE

You may be surprised to learn that the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies is the only centre of its kind in the world.

Bringing together respected scholars from all over the globe, the Centre is establishing a balanced view of the Hindu heritage and what it means to be a Hindu today. Hindus and non-Hindus are learning together and thus building bridges between cultures, philosophies and worldviews.

I am particularly inspired by the graduates of the Centre-bright, young people, who as Masters and Doctors can authoritatively represent Hindu traditions to the most learned of intellectuals, the religious community, the media and government. These are graduates of whom we can be truly proud.

This is why I have been so enthusiastic to support the Centre's work since its inception. I am thoroughly encouraged by the Centre's continuing progress in the areas of cultural preservation, research, and positive educational programmes.

I would like to invite you to join me and become a Friend of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Together we can ensure that this essential Centre of learning is able to meet the needs of future generations.

All the best,

Lord Dholakia OBE

What our Friends say...

‘We as a family strongly believe in education. A well-recognised institution like Oxford provides the best environment for world-class research and rigorous scholarship by the most gifted people. Graduates will have the conviction and genuine knowledge to impart to future generations. Unless knowledge is passed on, it is lost forever. The OCHS not only educates the most gifted scholars – it ensures broad access to learning via the Web and the Continuing Education Department.’

Kamlesh Patel, Pharmacist, CED Student

‘Being brought up in a Hindu family, we have always been aware of the broadness of Hinduism. The OCHS Continuing Education classes in Harrow have deepened our understanding of this vast religion. The teachers are knowledgeable and passionate about their topic and the Oxford connection ensures that the approach is unbiased.’

Neha Datta,  Investment consultant, CED Student

‘The OCHS is unique in that it studies all traditions of Hinduism, in all periods, and in all parts of the world. The critical scholarly approach to these traditions is a basis for excellent education and informed debate. It gave me the perspectives I needed to launch my career.’

Ravi Gupta, OCHS alumnus and Charles Redd Chair of Religious Studies, USA

‘The OCHS has developed a reputation for academic excellence. Without the Centre we wouldn’t have Hindu Studies at Oxford. Its students do us credit.’

Prof. Richard Gombrich, Emeritus Boden Professor of Sanskrit, Oxford University