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Lectures on Film

Action movies and American ideals: The growth of Buddhism in Hollywood

Religion and film seminars
Dr Jessica Frazier
23 Jan 2006

Jessica Frazier, Divinity Faculty, Cambridge, and OCHS

Related: Buddhism, Film

The neo-Islamicisation of public space in Egyptian cinema and television

Religion and film seminars
Dr Walter Armbrust
6 Feb 2006

Dr Walter Armbrust, Middle East Centre, St Anthony's College, Oxford

Related: Film, Islam

The mediator: The priest in film

Religion and film seminars
Professor George Pattison
27 Feb 2006

Prof. George Pattison, Theology Faculty, Christchurch College, Oxford

Related: Christianity, Film

Shouting at Shiva: Religion in the films of Amitabh Bachchan

Religion and film seminars
Jessica Hines
6 Mar 2006

Related: Film

Hinduism in contemporary Indian cinema: Popular travesty or new theology?

Dr Jessica Frazier
6 May 2008

Related: Film

Mahatma Gandhi at the OCHS: Film Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Shivdasani Lecture
Dr Makarand Paranjape
30 Nov 2009

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